Glenn's Bio

I am unique among my peers. My prospective is much broader and complete in understanding the entire design build process. I have shown an intense interest in construction from a very young age. I loved to watch construction workers ply their trade as they went about their work day. I was completely fascinated with what they did, be it concrete, carpentry work or all the other trades that went into building. I started to associate construction with design when I was about 12 years old. I could not quite put my understanding of where I was coming from until I went into the library and looked up the professional definition of an Architect. It was like a light went on. The big picture of what made me tick. I then set out on my path.

I have been now following this path for more the 50 years. All my high school classes where geared around my architectural pursuit. The classes I loved, art and drafting and home design I excelled in, to all the other college prep classes needed to continue on my journey. From high school I went to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Ca. Cal Poly was a great technical school. The learning process there was about reality in the world of architecture. “Learning while doing” was our motto; hands-on experience. I continued to perform well in my architectural major. I graduated with a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1970. I worked a couple of years in small design oriented Architectural firms in San Francisco. I continued to learn more design concepts; always learning from a different design prospective. As much as I loved San Francisco, it was not the right fit for me. I had been developing a design build architect idea for a while and the big city environment was not really conducive for following that path. I traveled in Europe and the Middle East for a year and experienced the many flavors of old worlde architecture. This exposure to old world architecture helped define all my future design philosophies.

Upon returning to California, I settled in a small Northern California community of Paradise. It was time to start putting all the pieces together; assemble all the puzzle parts and step out in the world. I first went to work with some builders doing carpentry. I got some great experience doing framing and concrete work while doing some design drafting at night. This small community allowed me to grow at a pace I was most comfortable. Learning and doing and improving my trades. I was becoming me, a design build Architect. By 1976 I earned my contractor license and had my first design build custom residence contract. The Larry and Carolyn Estes home. Larry was a Butte County Sheriff and he had great faith that I could build what I designed. The house was rustic 1800 square foot all cedar home with exposed beams. All the concrete, framing and finish I did with one other carpenter. We made all the cabinets and interior doors. This project was the beginning of 35 years of continuous work experience. Always learning from the previous project and carrying that learned knowledge to the next project.

I formally started pursuing on my architectural license in 1977 and completed all phases of my architectural license in 1979. I had truly arrived at my goal and was now complete. I was Glenn Bruno Architect/Builder. I have completed many projects over the years, both residential and commercial. My greatest passion has always been in the custom residential projects. The intimacy of working with clients on such a personal level always gives me the most satisfaction. I consider myself a design architect. One who places the maximum importance of a creative aesthetic solution to each client’s unique needs and wishes. Glenn's client referral list is always available to you upon request.

Associations, Awards and Other Information

Glenn and Sherry both love to bake rustic artisan sourdough breads in their wood-fired outdoor brick oven, teach sourdough bread baking classes and tamale classes together, travel, scuba dive, fly fish, deep sea fish, cook and entertain, and live in their Baja, California home about a month each year.